Video Surveillance

Professional Security Systems offers a wide variety of video surveillance solutions to help protect your home. These closed caption television systems can be customized based on your specifications, including: number of cameras in your system, type of cameras, recording capacity, and many other features that allow you to achieve the precise level of home security that allows you to feel safe and confident that your home and loved ones are protected in the event of a home invasion.

    • Cameras
      • We provide a full line of security / surveillance cameras, set-up to monitor your home when you are unable to, depending on your package they will also allow you to view your closed circuit television system via Smart Phone Application.
    • Digital Video Recorders
      • Our Digital Video Recorders allow you to record the broadcast from any/all of the cameras attached to your video surveillance system allowing you to record the broadcast from your CCTV system for monitoring at a later time.
  • Remote Viewing Software
    • As well as cameras, system monitoring, and recording we also provide remote viewing platforms that will allow you to view your CCTV system from any computer in any location allowing you to monitor the system yourself in cases where you wish to monitor activities at your home, personally.

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