IT Services

    IT Services

    Professional Security Systems is currently expanding in efforts to become an all-in-one stop for your home and business’ technological needs, and as such, new services are being offered to our loyal customers in and around the greater north Alabama area. Among the new services we are offering is a wide array of Information Technology solutions and a new support group to help our customers eliminate the need for third party IT organizations; reducing overhead, as well as lessening the stress of having to contact different entities and organize communications between them to accomplish the goal: To resolve problems and optimize productivity.

    • Backup and External Storage
      •     Professional Security Systems can back-up and provide external storage options for your precious data preventing losses in cases of computer hardware failure or system loss. This process can take some time depending on the amount of data you wish to back-up as well as the medium you choose to back up to. options include: DVD-DL(Dual Layer DVD), External Disk (HDD,SSD,USB-Thumb Drive,etc), Tape back-up (for Legacy Devices), or via LAN.


    • Computer Tune-Up
      •     Professional Security systems now offers state of the art computer setting fine-tuning. A benchmark tested, and trusted process of peripheral calibration, cleaning, re-organization, optimization and deployment can enhance any computer system regardless of operating system allowing us to maximize ANY computers potential and eliminate processor and memory burden freeing resources for your applications.


    • Malicious Software Removal
      •     Professional Security Systems offers malicious software removal without the need for installing antivirus programs or installing any third party software or paying any software related fees. Our technicians manually scan system processes and libraries for malicious software and remove all traces of any confirmed program(s) completely eliminating them from your computer preventing them from re-installing upon restart.
    • Data Recovery
      •     Professional Security Systems offers Data Recovery services recovering deleted and/or corrupted items from computer HDD & SSD, as well as PC connectable cellular phones and digital cameras.
    • Hardware Repair
      •     Professional Security Systems offers hardware repair services at a fraction of the cost of other repair
    • Technology Consultation
      •     Professional Security Systems offers Technology Consultation to help our customers and partners best understand what technologies can be utilized to meet their specific demands and/or purposes. Our IT experts can advise you on the profitability, reliability, and uses behind hundreds of today’s latest technologies, protocols, and systems.
    • Computer Training

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