Fire Protection – Life Safety

 Fire Protection

As well as our burglar alarm systems and other home security solutions, we also provide a Fire Protection service that will notify the local fire department in the event of an unforeseen house fire. Statistics show that more than half of all fire deaths occur in homes with no fire protection, and nearly three quarters of fire deaths occur in homes without smoke detectors or with non-functioning detectors.

    • Smoke Detection
      • Our Smoke detection system monitors your home 24/7 for smoke to ensure that in the event of a fire your loved ones have every opportunity to escape the residence. By placing smoke detectors in your home, you can increase the chances that all of your family gets out safely by 40-50%!
    • Heat Sensors
      • We also provide Heat Sensors that monitor your home for the slightest increase in interior temperature then alerts authorities to the emergency.


An often overlooked aspect of home security is protection from and monitoring of various environmental hazards that can arise unexpectedly and often without warning. Things such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, natural gas seeps, flood waters, etc can cause thousands of dollars in damage (whether directly or indirectly) and at their most severe can cause human tragedy. It is vitally important that you monitor these dangers or have a monitoring system in place to keep your home and loved ones safe.

    • Gas Sensors
      • By installing various gas sensors to detect elements such as Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Natural Gas, etc, you can prevent unnecessary sickness/death from these dangerous naturally occurring invisible gasses. Considering the peace of mind granted, these sensors are relatively cheap and can last for years.
    • Carbon Dioxide Sensors
      • Carbon Dioxide is arguably one of the most prominent and dangerous of the natural gasses detected in modern homes, by monitoring the levels of this gas in the interior of your home you can prevent chronic sickness, and possibly worse, for a bare minimum cost.
    • Flood Sensors
      • On top of having insurance to cover any losses you may occur in the event of a flood, it is also wise to have a monitoring system in place to ensure that you can keep those losses to a minimum by having advanced knowledge of an impending loss due to to flood waters, allowing you to move your valuables to safety.
    •  Temperature Sensors
      • We also provide temperature sensors that can be installed throughout your property to prevent losses incurred in the event of unforeseen fire or extreme temperature and/or weather conditions that may cause undesired operation or damage to valuable equipment and/or personnel.

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